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Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering Your Greeting Cards

Learn MoreUse the online card designer to create your own greeting card designs - upload your photo, add text to the back of the card (and inside if required). Format the text from a range of fonts, font styles and colours.

Learn MoreIf you already have a print ready card design then we can produce very high quality greeting cards, postcards and business cards direct from PDF files you have created using graphics application, such as Canva, Affinity Designer, Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

Learn MoreLet us design your card for you. Just tell us the text you would like to see on the back of your card. Upload your image file at the end of the order process. We will design the card for you and contact you if there are any issues.

Learn MoreEvery greeting card order and proof we produce is archived. This means that you are able to re-order more cards in the future without having to submit a new card order again.

Take full advantage of quantity discounts when ordering cards on the same card stock.

  • Example - Smooth White Card Stock
  • Save 25% - Order 10 or more cards (can be mixed sizes)
  • Save 43% - Order 25 or more (can be mixed card sizes)
  • Save 50% - Order 50 or more cards (can be mixed sizes)
  • Save 63% - Order 100 or more cards (can be mixed sizes)

Using The Online Card Design Tool

Learn MoreWe have a great series of videos that will help you get started with the greeting card design tool. Plus more detailed information on uploading your image file and adding text to your card design.

Learn More Accepted image file types include JPG, PNG, TIFF, SVG, and PDF. Images should be RGB (not CMYK) and saved in the sRGB colour space.

The minimum order is just one card. So the best way to find out how your image might look is to create a card design using your photo and order just one card as a proof. Remember that we archive every card we print, so if you are happy with the result you can just go to our re-order page and order more cards.

Learn More Save your card design for later. This useful feature will allow you to work on a card design, save it and come back to work on it later. Another benefit is creating a card design template, saved with all your details and a logo, ready to use for a range of new designs.

Try It Now Want to make a simple edit to your photos - try Redcliffe's free Online Photo Editing App. Easily crop, rotate, resize, apply filters and frames, add text, easily draw anything on the canvas with many available brushes, sizes and colours. It's easy to use and by adding a bit of extra creativity to your images it might just give you that extra edge when designing your next greeting cards.

Learn MoreThe "Printed by: Redcliffe Imaging Ltd" credit tag appears on the back of every card we produce. However, if you would like this credit tag removed then just tick the option "Remove Redcliffe Branding" on the order page. There is a small charge to edit each card design and remove the tag.

Greeting Card Media & Envelopes

We offer three types of card: Smooth White Matt, Textured White Matt and Glossy White.

Smooth White Card Textured Matt Card Glossy White Card
300gsm Smooth White Matt 324gsm Textured White Matt 300gsm Glossy White

Choose from six envelope colours.

Bright White Envelope Ivory Envelope Brown Kraft Ribbed Envelope
Bright White Envelope Ivory Envelope Brown Kraft Ribbed Envelope
Crimson Envelope Gold Envelope Silver Envelope
Crimson Envelope Gold Envelope Silver Envelope

We offer two types of clear protective sleeves for your greeting cards:

  1. Polypropylene is the film most commonly used in the making of clear sleeves for greeting cards.
  2. However, a new biodegradable clear sleeve is now available, made with NATIVIA® bio-based film, it aims for a more sustainable packaging solution. When ordering your card sleeves choose the option: "Clear Self Seal Sleeves (Biodegradable)"
    Compostable - Biodegradable - Recyclable

See Vegan Declaration Our Konica digital printing press used for card printing comes with a declaration from Konica that the manufacture and development of the products and their ingredients do not and have not involved the use of any animal product, by-product or derivative (certified by the Vegan Society). We have been informed by our envelope supplier that all glues used come from vegetable plant based products.

Order Your Sample PackThe printed sample pack includes:

  • Greeting Card printed on 300gsm Smooth White Card
  • Greeting Card printed on 324gsm Textured White Card
  • Smooth & Textured Postcard
  • Business Card
  • Foldable Business Card
  • Bright white envelope
  • Brown kraft ribbed envelope
  • Red Envelope
  • High quality self seal acetate sleeve
  • Bio-degradable self seal acetate sleeve

Learn MoreNo problem. We have a page where you can order more envelopes or sleeves that you might need.

Delivery & Returns

It usually takes from 5 to 10 business days to print and ship your order, although most orders are fulfilled well within this timescale. Please let us know if you have a particularly urgent order, we will do our best to meet your deadline.

If a card order is damaged during shipment, please contact our customer service department so that we can make the appropriate arrangements to have the damaged cards replaced or refunded. To expedite the process please take some photos of the damaged cards or packaging. These photos will be used for submittting an appropriate claim to the shipping carrier as well as for our internal use.

Learn MoreWe are confident that you will be delighted with your card order. Redcliffe Imaging takes pride in producing only the best quality greeting cards. For this reason, you can order confidently knowing we offer you a 30 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn MoreWith most modern digital cameras it is quite easy to take fairly good quality photos of your artwork. You will need bright soft lighting and natural daylight is perfect for this, an overcast day is best as it avoids any glare from harsh sunlight.

Learn Moredesign your card with Canva template We can produce very high quality greeting cards, postcards and business cards direct from your print ready PDF files created using Canva. From our Greeting Cards From Your Print Ready Design page you will see an option for Canva users to access a template that will load directly into Canva.

copyright symbolOn a PC simply hold down the 'Alt' key and key in the numerals 0169. When you next lift your finger off 'Alt', the copyright symbol will appear. Please note that you must use the numeric keypad on the right of the keyboard and not the numerals running along the top.

On a Mac simply enter Option + G

Learn MoreHave you ever wondered why an image you have printed sometimes never quite matches what you see on your screen? If you have spent time editing your images and you want to reproduce them with some degree of colour accuracy, then ensure that your image is using the correct colour profile and that some form of screen calibration check is helpful.

Learn MoreIf you are considering selling your cards to retail chains or major retailers then you will be required to have a barcode printed on the back of the card. In the case of Greeting Cards this will be an EAN-13 barcode, which is a standard 13 digit barcode.

Getting Started - Video Tutorials

What's The Easiest Way To Edit My Images?

photo image editor for greeting cards

Online Photo Editing

Want to add a bit of extra creativity to your images or maybe just a simple edit to make them lighter or adjust the colours.

Try Redcliffe's free Online Photo Editing App - it's easy to use and may just give you that extra edge when designing your next greeting cards.

Easily crop, rotate, resize, apply filters and frames, add text, easily draw anything on the canvas with many available brushes, sizes and colours.

Free Online Photo Editing - Try It Now

How to Create In-Room Mockups to Showcase Your Artwork

Looking for a better way to present your artwork online? Then you need to try an amazing online tool that helps you showcase your art in beautiful rooms that your potential buyers can relate to – leading you towards more sales. Canvy is built for painters, illustrators and designers - so if you are creating art for walls, then chances are good that you will love using Canvy to help promote your art.

Canvy showcase your artwork

Canvy offers 500+ rooms and lets you change the wall material, the colour of the walls and even the colour of the furniture.

You are able to upload your artwork, use any of the hundreds of room mockups to create stunning showcases of your work and finally download a presentation image that you can use for your website, social media, in your newsletter, or anywhere you share your art. You can even export your new showcase image to Etsy, the online marketplace for selling art.

Canvy In-Room Mockups - More Info

What's The Best Way To Market My Greeting Cards?

Facebook & Instagram - When you have a strong presence on Facebook and Instagram, your business has access to the most powerful kind of word-of-mouth marketing - recommendations between friends.
Learn More

Email Marketing - A simple and affordable marketing option for anyone with little time and limited resources. But of course you need to collect a list of interested subscribers who want to know more about your work before you can begin communicating with them.
Learn More

Publications & Guides - Need some help to get started? Some publications and guides that will give you a taste of the traditional ways self publishing artists use to sell their work.
Learn More

selling and marketing your greeting cards
Marketing Your Greetings Cards

The British are a nation of card senders, we send more cards per person than any other nation. According to the Greeting Card Association the British public spent a massive £1.7 billion on greeting cards last year.

Customer Showcase

Visions by Heidi is the creation of Heidi Lynne Dexter Rixon, who has been inspired by images and stories of everyday life in the south east English countryside.

Heidi's website is a textbook example of how to go about creating an engaging site using a combination of photo gallery, blog and shop to market her greeting cards and prints. As Heidi herself says: "An extraordinary amount of time, effort, fine-tuning, tweaking, and both asking for and being open to feedback is vital, as is spending almost just as much time with tagging, keywords, and meta descriptions".

What's more important is that Heidi has also ensured that her website can be easily found with four social media links (WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) and visible to search engines.

Heidi says she would be happy to consult with anyone who was looking for advice or feedback on their endeavour, or to answer any questions.

Visions by Heidi website

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