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Design and print your own high quality postcards

Turn your artwork or photos into postcards to sell. Many self publishing artists, illustrators and photographers use postcards of their artwork as a cost effective way to market their work to a wider audience. Use our online postcard design tool to create your own cards. You get to see exactly how your postcard will look when printed.

Choose your postcard size:

Postcard A6

A6 Postcard - 144mm x 101mm

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Postcard A5

A5 Postcard - 210mm x 148mm

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Postcards from print ready designs

We can produce very high quality postcards direct from your print ready PDF files.

Perfect for designs created using graphics applications such as Canva, Affinity Designer, Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

  • Choose a postcard size and download the artwork template guide
  • Create your postcard design and save as a PDF file
  • Upload your print ready PDF and order your postcards

Don't worry, we check every design before printing, if we spot anything we'll let you know.

A6 Postcard 144mm x 101mm From Print Ready PDF A5 Postcard 210mm x 148mm From Print Ready PDF
Postcard Printing

Postcards are an effective, low cost and profitable marketing tool

Postcards are a very effective way for all self publishing artists, illustrators and photographers to market their images or artwork. You can use postcards to keep in touch with previous customers and let them know, with a personalised message, about new finished work or forthcoming events, craft shows or gallery displays of their work.

Using postcards to market your work or business is one of the least expensive form of direct mail marketing. Many businesses already know that postcard marketing can be irresistible and a great way to get someone’s attention. Postcards are also an excellent way to:

  • Generate interest and sales leads.
  • Promote special offers.
  • Introduce a new artwork, product or service.
  • Keep in touch with existing customers.
  • Drive traffic to your website.
  • Test several messages and offers to see which is the most effective.

Nearly all postcards get read and the reason is simple - people are generally wary of junk mail and tend to ignore anything in an envelope. But a postcard requires no opening and the message will be seen at a glance. For this reason postcards can be highly effective at generating a response.

Some postcard marketing mistakes to avoid

You can make your postcard marketing strategy more successful by avoiding some common mistakes.

1. Personalise Your Postcard
Postcards that contain a brief personal message will definitely get read and generate more responses than a formal advert.

2. Set a Goal for Your Postcard Campaign
Your postcard needs to have a specific goal. The goal might be to get an existing buyer interested in your latest work, visit your new website or attend the latest showing of your work. This means you need to decide on that goal so you can choose the right message and call to action.

3. Don't Forget a Call to Action
You've grabbed their attention or interest, now make it clear what they have to do next - "Call now", Order this week only to save 25%", use as a coupon to save on on next purchase, visit website.

4. Keep the Message Simple
You only have someones attention for a brief couple of seconds so don't overload the card with too much information. Just convey what is important and what the reader should do next.

5. Your Contact Information
Don't forget to include your important contact details, like telephone, email or web address.

Postcards on Smooth White Card - 300gsm

Quantity A6 Postcards - 144mm x 101mm A5 Postcards - 210mm x 148mm
10 £6.39 £9.00
25 £12.14 £17.10
50 £21.30 £30.00
100 £31.52 £44.40
150 £40.90 £57.60
200 £49.42 £69.60
250 £57.51 £81.00
300 £63.90 £90.00
500 £76.68 £108.00
750 £102.24 £144.00
1000 £127.80 £180.00
1500 £166.14 £234.00
2000 £204.48 £288.00
3000 £281.16 £396.00
4000 £340.80 £480.00
5000 £383.40 £540.00

Postcards on Textured White Matt - 324gsm

Quantity A6 Postcards - 144mm x 101mm A5 Postcards - 210mm x 148mm
10 £9.45 £12.17
25 £18.18 £23.40
50 £33.33 £42.90
100 £49.69 £63.96
150 £65.45 £84.24
200 £82.42 £106.08
250 £96.96 £124.80
300 £109.08 £140.40
500 £145.44 £187.20
750 £199.98 £257.40
1000 £242.40 £312.00
1500 £327.24 £421.20
2000 £412.08 £530.40
3000 £581.76 £748.80
4000 £727.20 £936.00
5000 £848.40 £1092.00

Prices Shown Inclusive of VAT

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