Custom Printed Bookmarks

Bookmarks are an effective, low cost and profitable marketing tool

Bookmarks are very effective, low cost and simple to use, one of the most effective long-term marketing or promotional items you can find, and certainly one of the easiest to use. It will keep working for you hours, weeks and even years after it leaves your hands!

These classic giveaways remain ever-popular options for business use, especially when you’re promoting an upcoming art sale or new artwork release. In addition to giving contact information to people you meet, you can direct them to your website, it will give others a taste of your products and start to implant impressions of your business.

Bookmarks can also be transformed into the perfect coupons or vouchers for your upcoming campaign deals, ensuring your offers are as tempting as ever, they can even double as event tickets. And if you’re giving a book as a gift, a personalised bookmark is a lovely way to add an extra, unexpected touch.


Get inspired with stylish & colourful bookmarks

You can have a range of bookmarks with different content, messages and images on them. If you only have one chance to make a first impression, make it a good one!

If you're looking for some inspiration to start you off then TemplateLAB has 50 free printable bookmark templates that you can download in Word or Photoshop format. Just remember to to save your finished design in PDF format before sending to print.

Canva users have even more choice with over 250+ professionally designed bookmark templates to choose from. One of the great benefits of Canva is that it takes the complications out of designing, so whatever your design level, you can easily create a bookmark that reflects your own style. Thanks to intuitive drag and drop tools and a vast library of professionally designed layouts and elements, you’ll be able to create impressive bookmarks in just a few clicks. You can personalise your bookmark with your own images or choose from Canva's extensive media library which hosts over a million photos, illustrations, and vectors you can use on your bookmark designs. Once you’re happy with your design, save and download your new bookmark as a high-quality PDF for printing.

Create stunning bookmarks for free with Adobe Spark Post. Save your place in style with professionally designed bookmark templates, or create your own original design with free bookmark templates from Adobe Spark.

Bookmark templates
Bookmarks designed by Gail Wareham

Courtesy: Gail Wareham

Quantity Smooth White Bookmarks - 300gsm Textured Matt Bookmarks - 324gsm
25 £8.55 £12.60
50 £15.00 £23.10
100 £22.20 £34.44
150 £28.80 £45.36
200 £34.80 £57.12
250 £40.50 £67.20
300 £45.00 £75.60
500 £54.00 £100.80
750 £72.00 £138.60
1000 £90.00 £168.00
1500 £117.00 £226.80
2000 £144.00 £285.60
3000 £198.00 £403.20
4000 £240.80 £504.00
5000 £270.00 £588.00

Price Incl VAT - Minimum Quantity 25

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