Artwork Set Up Guidelines for Bookmarks

Images - Image files should be saved in the sRGB colour space.

Crops - Please do not add any crops to your artwork.

Photoshop - In Photoshop please flatten all images and don't use extra channels. All files should be saved as a single Photoshop PDF.

Illustrator - In Illustrator fonts should be converted to outlines. Images to be embedded and then files saved as a press quality PDF.

Canva - Select the option to use the Canva template. Export from Canva as PDF Print. Leave the box "Crop marks and bleed" unchecked.

If you design your card using other image editing or design applications then just remember to set up your artwork at the actual card size at 300dpi and export or save as a press quality PDF.

If you also require text or images on the inside of your card please supply as a single, two page PDF file - one page for the front/ back of the card and one page for the inside of the card.

Canva Template: Bookmark - 150mm x 50mm

design your greeting card with Canva This template can only be used in Canva

Bookmark - Use this template in Canva

What is Canva? It's a drag-and-drop design tool that lets you create pretty much any type of visual content with ease. The easiest way to create stunning graphics and made with the non-designer in mind.

Need help with Canva templates? Check our support page

Bookmark - 150mm x 50mm From Print Ready Design

Bookmark - 150mm x 50mm from artwork

Greeting card from your artwork We can produce very high quality bookmarks. greeting cards, and postcards direct from your print ready PDF files.

Perfect for bookmark designs you have created using graphics applications such as Affinity Designer, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or Canva. Download the artwork guide or Canva template for the 150mm x 50mm bookmark and create your design.

Create your bookmark design.
See artwork guidelines
Upload your artwork.
Upload Your Artwork

Please follow the artwork guide above and supply as a single, two page PDF file - one page for the front of the bookmark and one page for the back of the bookmark.

Quantity Smooth White Bookmarks - 300gsm Textured Matt Bookmarks - 324gsm
25 £8.55 £12.60
50 £15.00 £23.10
100 £22.20 £34.44
150 £28.80 £45.36
200 £34.80 £57.12
250 £40.50 £67.20
300 £45.00 £75.60
500 £54.00 £100.80
750 £72.00 £138.60
1000 £90.00 £168.00
1500 £117.00 £226.80
2000 £144.00 £285.60
3000 £198.00 £403.20
4000 £240.80 £504.00
5000 £270.00 £588.00

Price Incl VAT - Minimum Quantity 25

For more information or advice please call Thomas or Adrian on 0117 952 0105.